NBA Junior @ The Runrec

Offering an eight-week basketball program for kids aged 5-17, focusing on skills, teamwork, and fun. Includes a comprehensive player package in partnership with Canada Basketball and Jr.NBA.

NBA Junior @ The Runrec welcomes children aged four to twelve to participate in our ten-week introductory basketball program. Designed for beginners, this initiative makes no demand for previous experience and is a great way to get young athletes excited about basketball in a supportive environment. Our program highlights include:

Program will take place: July 23rd - September 10th

Program hours: 4-6 PM every Tuesday for 8 weeks

  • Structured Gameplay and Learning: Kids learn basketball fundamentals through play, guided by a structured curriculum that emphasizes fun and team interaction.
  • Movement Education: Our activities focus on general movements and basketball-specific skills, helping young athletes develop their physical capabilities.
  • Team-Building Games: We use games that teach essential skills and foster teamwork among participants.

In collaboration with Canada Basketball and Jr.NBA, each registered participant receives a comprehensive player package, which includes:

  • NBA-branded reversible jersey
  • Size-appropriate basketball
  • A Jr.NBA branded drawstring bag
  • Parent guide
  • Poster
  • Chickadee magazine
  • Membership to Canada Basketball and PTSO

Discover our various program locations by scrolling down. Enrol your child at NBA Junior @ The Runrec this season for a fun-filled introduction to basketball.